What is this? What is this? I feel the embers but taste no flame. No desire to start again, trust a new – no faith in you. Do I feel blue? Vapid or vain? Do I taste fire inside this rain? No, just simply not, no feeling of pain as my emotions lay quiet and just rot.
They are gone, just not here, jaded I am, inside me… nothing I fear.
Ive been emptied and gutted, and left for dead. No voices lay clinging -here- inside my head.
No turmoil, no tears, they’ve been washed away from the many years. Years of the same, same ole, same game. You’ll tell me you love me and Ill tell you the same. Then we wait for the fall, wait for the first to lay blame.
Who throws first stone and lives and loves again, alone?
Never a change in this method they will use to tame. Lies upon lies, mystery, intriguĂ© and despise. What have I become? What have I become, I lay here un-screaming, not timid – just numb. No wishes to fight, no feelings to bite, no forethought of wishing that this might… that this might just be right.
I simply dont care – care if you stay- or if I leave here.
Many are lined, bide and begging for my time. Little do they know though, my heart no longer gives back want for the “love or lust” throw. No longer dreams of truest of loves,  no im aged and older filled with misgivings and mistrust.
Burned and jaded I walk with only me, here I am safe, and me, I let be thus this truth has set me finally free.
I dont hurt myself, or wish for my end. I dont have care for finding another lover or friend. I trust not, I want not, im all I have. Im all I got.
Is there another chapter? Or does emptied, gutted, hollowed, vapid and vain lead here, to this place burned free of any pain, and any care.


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Filed under Once you've seen it, you can't undo it

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