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Circle Bound

The world is not so dark and gloomy a spot, for in the end it’s truly all we got. Rot.., in pieces damned beneath us. Fill the earth with soil, a non rare case for all our toil. We all end there, but not always in despair . For some it’s peace, a mindful release. A way to blend into our ground to make a soft yet needed sound. Go back to the ground back to the ground fill in the holes and make it bind and bound. Follow it round, follow it round. We all must start and end in sound.
So start anew while you can, touch the stars and follow man. We all must shine and follow through, for who knows what you are supposed to do but you? Who fills the silence with the noise? Who creates the weapons and the toys? Who starts the why, and precedes with a how? Unless before your dirt nap you conceived to without bow. As a bow before the last, before your own looking glass. You must reach and attain you, that’s all your expected to do.
So go on, go look high and low. Feel your peaks and drudge through your lows. Before your final curtain must close. Though now that even if for you, you find no reason in what you do. Others shall obtain your path and walk it faster due to your first collapse. Nothing strived thus nothing gained, but for you your life’s are never in vain. For back to the soil back to the ground. A purpose for you will always be found.


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