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Wtf stupid company

Okay and NOW for a rant, completely not my style. However I am pissed…. I own a chinchilla I am a new mom to this little girl. I go out and buy her some bedding thinking “oh this bag has a chin on it, must be good right?” ….. WRONG.

Turns out the shit is toxic to her, cedar bedding is TOXIC to her. So tell me why full retard company you sell this shit to me with a picture of her on it and say “highly recommended?”

Evil heartless corporations … I hope you all become blind and your world turns into a reverse pin cushion that you can’t save yourself from… Oh and respiratory infections I hope those on you to as you seem to be ever so inclined to give it to my chin.

Bastards …. Good thing I checked before I gave it to her, bad thing my dumbass bought it.

I think I shall call up this company and berate them for there idiocy.


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