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Done to me as done to you

Focus, clarity, trying for these, but a new wave of sickness can bring me to my knees. Lost in thought without any perception. Just sick in my heart from old and new deceptions. To blame and be blamed to shame and be shamed. That is the point of this whole losing game. We won’t stay the same, even then friends whisper now hate for my name, but who’s fault is that? Not nearly my own, when you go and weave stories of how I tried to steal your throne. That I held you down when in fact you just lied, told me I was the one with her still at your side.

Now the tables will turn and it’s your mind that burns. Will the unease creep slowly? Will it attack you at night? Will you toss and turn awakening with melancholy enhanced fright? If no is your answer then perhaps time will tell. For another has my attentions and soon i will bow to his will. A truer intent all cards on the table I must find myself quickly lose it all so unstable. This game I don’t play and I wish it weren’t true but for me it seems now I must relive life…. as you.



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