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I don’t want to climb up I just want to die. Watch and lay bleeding this thing between you and I. I’ve lost all nothing gained, sand runs out just grains. That’s all that’s left in this glass; no touching, no ass, no class. Yes nothing remains so how can I stay sane. Wanting you leaves nothing behind, this demon we share christ he just shines. So sing for me banshee let me know my times over; nothing blue, nothing borrowed, nothing that moves time forward. Just a life filled with shadows and sorrows yes love never borrows. So lets go back see how time will react. Back to the moment when we lost it all, sitting on your floor in your home, in montreal. Right to the question that began this destruction. No not about whores far before that. No further back when you said I was unwanted and I didn’t know how to react. My question to you then was should I just leave? You know, back when there was a chance to believe, that there was a me here inside without you. As for today, tonight, tomorrow that is simply no longer true. Mo anam cara I don’t know what to do, how to breathe in a life void-ed without you.



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