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There I stand, or at least I think I do. I no longer know after all I gave to you. My soul, my person, who am I now? Lost somewhere falling and crawling on the ground. Emptied and gutted thats where we stood. Till you decided that it was over and hollow me out you should. Once that choice was made the dominos fell flat. Creation of a empty void that can’t remember how to act. What is a soul? What should it say? Does it complete me and fill the spaces after you left and went away? Will I know my own mind? Can I recognize me? What where those things that I wanted and wished I could be?

As I start on that, I can hear the sound; it comes closer, louder and quicker the more I crawl the ground. What does it want? Oh wait is that me? That sad wrecked creature trying to stand on broken knees? She’s begging, oh begging for me… but what does that mean? Do you know what you ask? You want to take the stage and start the prep for our final task? I can’t agree to that, but it seems I must. Just give up unto myself and be a cavern of vacant lust. Just let this damaged creature come take hold. Start to learn how does we become only me? Stronger, smarter and much more bold. Oh dark gods how can this be? How do I start to figure out who the completeness is inside of me? Without the crutch of another I can simply pretend to be?


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Lost or found?

Sometimes when you lose your sanity, your not aware you have done it. Not until you spiral about a empty room filled with clutter, and no idea how that room got in such a state. That it starts to dawn on you. What have I done? Though denial and insanity can be fun bedmates if you love them right. They take all, and I do mean all. Right down to your memories and ability to care about the downfall. All you are left with is the ideal.
To spin around a empty room, filled with clutter, and no idea how that room got in such a state…

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