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Set me free yes thats my final cry, no more do i want this thing between you and I. I left all behind, but that wasn’t good enough. So now you stand up to me acting all tough? Good luck bitch go sniff another line, yea a lay, a place to stay, thats all thats left this time. You neglected so I rejected. I dont want you near. I gave up my band to come to your land, so even you said? What  fucking lie, i’ll destroy you cunt. So yes an eye for an eye you brought this on yourself. all i wanted was attention but you fell flat when i asked for affection. So now that you want it, to bad that games over. Stupid dumb bitch should’ve just stayed sober. So now someday soon I’ll just be gone. Cant stop me, won’t stop me, goodbye stupid bitch. Yea thats the final rewrite end version, copy?


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