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Now for something a little different

This is a writing experience, something new from your faceless yet ever omnipresent persona of insanity.

What shall we write today? A review, on the musical talents or lack thereof about the out of house activity this slave of mind absconded to early on the eve of last night. So for the constant activity of mine to remain nameless and unknown ever so, I shall not use names. Merely places and sound to give a bit of structure. I also shall review them as I feel fit; my grandmother once said if you have nothing nice to say after all… it is best to say nothing at all.

First up is first off, this first band was not even named on the docket, which I shall say is a sin. I found them to be one of the liveliest bands of the night. The performance given was immaculate for the most part. Very professional set of men in this band, the drummer at one point lost his stick and without missing a beat he grabbed another. I enjoy this level of performance as I’m sure would anyone. Now how about the actual music you ask? One word, talented, the riffs and keyboard really made my night. The sounds for the most part where so melodic and enrapturing that I felt under spell for the majority of the time they were on stage.

Many times throughout the set I felt as though I was watching a jam and not an actual pre-ready set list. This was not a discredit to them but rather an assist. You feel as though you are watching a group of musically inclined geniuses creating before you and for you.

With that said, it does need to be mentioned they did at one point veer off into some unknown place in their minds that did not conduct well for a fluid experience. That was about the time when one of the ballads they had created had an awful (to my ears) buzzing droning sound for the whole refrain. It was for me needless to say not pleasant. Though over all I would have to say I enjoyed this part of the show. Thus I give a rating of;

3/5 Great potential

Now on to the next, I have to admit I’m not a connoisseur of this genre of music. So I cannot talk about the technical sounds and skills of the performers. Rather though just the feeling of it to common man who just enjoys in good taste a variety of sounds.

The band now up on my writing chopping block was the headliner. The sounds these men were making was astounding and yet clashing. Overwhelming yet comforting in the chaos they exuded. They did not make one want to jump around, but rather to stand and stare in awe at the skill and intensity of what they put out. I could not take my gaze away from them. Though it was confounding to figure out which artist you wanted to put your attention on. They all played with such emotion and unguarded lust for their sound it strikes you mute and unable to concentrate. I can’t say I have ever heard music that was so in-congruent yet so fluid. I could not find a beat to nod my head to like one should do at these progressive metal shows. I also did not care; this music just takes you somewhere else like you’re in the middle of a storm of insanity just watching the wind fearful it might take you, yet resentful if it does not.

If I had to get nit-picky with this set I would only be able to say that the start was a bit slow, and draining. This was mostly due to technical issues if my perception was valid. Though more often than not, it’s not. I can say however once they did start and the spirit of their muse infected them it became clear rapidly that they knew what they were doing. All in all worth seeing, and worth seeing again so my rating is;


Now excuse me as I go add some new music to my little audiophile library.


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