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Lovers without benefits

Shaky character a inert flaw, giving righteous indignation before a upcoming fall. You think you know better and that stands a fact, but the harsh cruel reality your more fucked up then that. You can’t pull then push and expect me to stand, honestly where do you expect my heart to land? Not at your feet no that won’t work. Not when your hiding around with comments that hurt. Tell me this then tell me that, expect me in your lap with your ” just having frivolous fun fact” to put faith in you, when you’ve shown none in me? I’m sorry at what part did you think me truly fucking crazy? Sorry nope, I’m smarter then that… Won’t let you back there with the knife if you don’t have my back. So I guess that’s all, I was trying to say. Don’t mix in your heart when the boy just wants a lay.


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keep what you cant lose

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June 7, 2013 · 12:06 am